Our business manufactures medical alert products EG100, EG300, EG201 and EG88 for Senior People security. On top of our products, our company is solicited to design Integrated Solutions of Alerts and Communications.

The Applications GIANT-CARE manage the following services :

  • Alert Notifier
  • Telephony Apps
  • Network Connectivity

The Platform PRODOCEAN is the State of the Arts communication solution for your community.

In 2022 / 2023, Giant Electronics launches new Products, Apps and Services to bring its Integrated Telecommunications Leadership to all age groups and professions in the fields of education, health, points of sale, service companies, logistics, food, manufacturing industries and all social groups (communities) !

Martin Dumas (President of Giant Electronics Inc.)

# Telephone : 877-333-8934
Email : servicegiant@giantelectronics.com





*** Giant Electronics works with companies with new projects and to migrate towards Giant-Care solution is a must !

Keep your Seniors secured

The Broadcast service (Telephone distribution of audio messages) is now available to any organisation that needs to reassure / inform Elder People living uncertainties.

Situation : The management of a Seniors' Residence records a voice message on Giant infrastructures and indicates in the LocallBooks application the day and time of which the message will be communicated by telephone to residents.

Situation : Any Social services management, Businesses and Organization that needs to communicate audio messages to their People can easily use the LocallBooks application.

To get information, complete the form below, send an email to services@locallbooks.com or call us at
(877) 333-8934 extension 210

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